It’s A Home Run for Bingo

How Bingo Made Baseball More Fun

Baseball, also known as “the national pastime” of the United States, has been around even before the American Civil War. Based on an article published in The Wall Street Journal, there are more than 11.5 million people that play baseball in the United States as of 2011. Just like baseball, bingo is also huge in the country and has been played by the locals since 1930. Despite baseball and bingo’s long existence, both the sport and the game remain close to the heart of millions of Americans.

Riding each other’s popularity, many baseball teams and bingo companies organize events that combine both the sport and the game to attract more audience and participants. Just a few months ago, the San Rafael Pacifics of California hosted Baseball Bingo every Friday night. Their goal was to make the baseball games more interactive because the audience gets to do something exciting while watching the game. Instead of numbers, the bingo cards consist of actions and events that usually occur in baseball games. The fans marked their cards with the corresponding baseball field actions that occurred in Alberta Park. The first person to complete the given figure was declared the winner.

Baseball Bingo is fast becoming the latest trend in baseball tournaments. People often share their stories about this unique bingo game or check out the schedule of events through various social networking sites – from Cheeky on Twitter to Chicago White Sox on Facebook. Just recently, the Chicago White Sox Senior Bingo Day was held at the United States Cellular Field. The seniors had an amazing time watching the White Sox game and playing bingo at the same time. The elderly were also treated to a buffet lunch before the game started.

If you want to organize your own baseball bingo event, there are printable cards that you can get at You can choose between classic baseball bingo and basepath bingo. Check out the website to learn more about the rules, symbols, and list of baseball games.

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