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Also, despite the day game after a night game situation, Virtual Lovullo decided to stick with his basic lineup, including keeping Carson Kelly behind the plate to catch. As you will see, the Sunday matinee turned out to be more about what didn’t happen than what did. 1st Inning Ender Inciarte led the game off with a single (of course he did).
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Posted: March 30, 2020, 2:05 am
We put the billionaire San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves owners head to head.
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ATL 0 – AZ 0 2nd Inning Atlanta failed to get a base runner for a second inning. A oair of two-out singles by Kole Calhoun and Carson Kelly provided a bit of action, but the inning ended when Ahmed grounded into a fielder’s choice at short to end the inning. ATL 0 – AZ 0 3rd Inning Adieny Hechavarria slapped a one-out single to give Atlanta their first base runner of the evening.
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Need a pick-me-up? We got you.
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Bill Shanks 8 hours ago For the Braves to win the National League East for the third season in a row, the starting rotation must do better this season. They have two teams in the division with outstanding rotations – Washington and New York. Plus, the Phillies have added one of the biggest free agent starters on the market in Zack Wheeler, so the division could be decided by the rotations.
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Good evening, friends. The sports world continues to be in limbo as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and, while there are other things that are (considerably) more important, the Talking Chop Podcast is back for another run…. while practicing proper social distancing.
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Christian Walker then flew out to end the inning. ATL 0 – AZ 4 3rd Inning With two outs in the third, Inciarte was hit by a pitch. That was followed by a Dansby Swanson single on the first pitch, moving Inciarte to second.
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This much must be said, though: As big as Atlanta getting a baseball team was, Atlanta wasn’t immediately certain how to feel about it. Nobody down here had grown up rooting for these guys. They won the National West in 1969, but by the middle ’70s they were a bad team that couldn’t draw flies.
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Three times — Chipper Jones in 1993 and Andruw in 1996 and 1997 — they were the top prospect in all of Major League Baseball. Over two decades later, we think they turned out pretty darn good. We continue our look back at Braves prospects of yesteryear.
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He was trying to earn a spot on a major league baseball team when he was shot and killed. The 30-year-old left behind a wife and baby daughter. Twenty-five years later, that little baby is now a grown woman who says her father’s death has shaped her life.
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I think there was a possibility that either Cristian Pache or Drew Waters could be ready at some point in 2020 but you have to remember that they aren’t playing now either, and a late start could mean we may not see them at all until 2021. I have been dreaming of a potential outfield of Ronald Acuña Jr., Pache and Waters for a while now. I have always seen Pache as a potential replacement for Ender Inciarte, but I think we are going to have to see how it goes with Ozuna.
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Ray then struck out the next two batters he faced to end the top half of the inning. Mike Soroka allowed a single to David Peralta, who took second on a ground out by Ketel Marte. That was the only action in the bottom of the inning.
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Trevor Story has reached the pinnacle of middle infielders. Scott Pianowski prices Story and the rest of the shortstops and second basemen for 2020 drafts.
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Inside that huge, horseshoe-shaped ballpark, a favorite son had returned. Tom Seaver was back with the New York Mets six years after being traded away. Looked it up a little while back – at 38 years old, he shut down a pennant-winning Phillies lineup that featured Pete Rose and three Hall of Famers.
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