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A Youth Baseball Team Coach’s Duties

If we look upon the youth sports practice session, we can notice that most teams do their warm up session during the absence of their coach. This is not a deliberate effort of the team, instead, most of the coaches of youth teams do not bother to be present during the first half an hour of the practice session, time when the players get involved in the warm up. The session involves various kinds of skill developments along with normal physical exercises that are compulsory task for the players. Too many coaches fail to understand the importance of their presence during this particular time frame of the session.

The first ten to twenty minutes of a session are used for physical exercise. In a youth team, the players may be not so expert to do all the exercise tasks correctly by themselves. For them it becomes much helpful when the respective coach stands beside them and tells them or shows them how to do a particular exercise in the proper way. It has been witnessed that many young players have been doing the task in a wrong way during the absence of their coaches and later this has been turned into a bad habit. Once a task is practised in an incorrect way, it seems to be very difficult for a player to change the habit in the later half of his or her career. The coaches of the respective teams must always keep an eye in every aspect of the training session. Each gap may become a permanent problem for a particular player.

A coach can be called good and efficient when he or she realizes that repetition, maintenance and performance of the fundamentals are the basic factors to both individual and team improvement. It should be kept in mind that there is always a big difference between doing a task almost right and doing the same job perfectly. Only the latter helps to achieve the greatest success.

Some may say that coaches do not play a vital role during the warm up session of the team. So, to them the presence of the coach in that particular moment hardly matters. But, truly speaking, the presence of the coach beside the team do play a fundamental role for what inspiration and team’s mental strength is concerning. The coach gives lots of moral support to the players of the team which eventually helps them to stay charged up during the time of the match.

Sometimes coaches who are in charge of youth teams have a tendency to neglect the less skilled players. This particular mentality of a coach must not be appreciated. Instead, the coach must look more upon the less skilled players of the team so that, they can develop and improve their personal skills and become a great addition to the team in the long run. Many young players are good learners of visual training. So, the coach must try to show the tasks practically by performing it in front of them. This works as an inspiration for the entire team.

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